Waterhouse is our last name and we love to sail and live on boats.   In Seattle, Washington we lived on a 35' Dufour Sloop built in 1974, called Moorea.  We lived on Moorea for over six years and four of those years we sailed her around the world.

After our circumnavigation, we moved to the desert.  We knew we would return to the sea again but wanted to live in the south for warmth and be near family and friends.

Five years later, we found Trini.  She's a 42' Whitby Ketch, built in 1980 and located in the Galveston Bay area.  Trini will be our next cruising boat.  This blog is about our past adventures, our live aboard lifestyle and the projects we do to get Trini ready for cruising.  Check Out Our Blog

Kelly & Captain Kelly



The Captain grew up sailing in San Francisco with his grandparents.  He taught Kelly (Girl) how to sail and she loved it. This love of sailing led them to sail the world on their 35' Sloop, Moorea. 


Click here to read about their adventure.


35' Dufour Sloop

Built in 1974, Moorea is a French designed Sloop, made for blue water sailing.  We circumnavigated with Moorea starting and ending in Seattle.


Click here for more info on our voyage.


42' Whitby Ketch


Built in 1980,  Trini is a Canadian designed Ketch.  When we found Trini, she was sitting at the dock neglected for 3 years.  


Now we are fixing Trini up for new sailing adventures.  Check out our progress.

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