Sailing the Waterhouse Books are about our decision to live an unconventional life.  We sold everything to move onto a sailboat and save our money for an adventure around the world.



Swapping Turf for Surf is the start of our journey. 


Selling our 3 bedroom home and all the possessions in it to move onto a 35' sailboat didn't go by without some scrutiny from family and friends. 


We learn to adapt to our new lifestyle, the challenges to cut the dock lines and the describes our first scary offshore passage to California

Ebook & Illustrated Paperback

Sailing the Waterhouse South Until the Butter Melts  starts in Mexico and shares the tales of our 35,000 nautical-mile voyage and visiting thirty countries, while exposing our mistakes, fears and triumphs.


It reveals a world that few know, sailing to distant lands on your own boat and the challenges that come with it.


Come and let us take you on this voyage.

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